I have been pursuing this business since 1991 and I have reached the end of the road. The world changes, especially fashions and economics. The products we can make are not so cheap anymore, in a small part because of the influence of fair trade. Producers are often able to command higher wages and clearly this is a good thing. Skill levels in Nepal & India for example have gone up and up and some parts of the producer economies are busier than ever. For example Nepalese knitters. Those with the technical skills and a vision for what the market wants can still forge a good business. I am not one of those people and my capacity to run faster and faster in order to stand stock still has come to an end. The one line which was holding its' own - our lovely Fragrant Garden Natural Incense was about to go up in price so alarmingly that I have had to discontinue it. If anyone wants to acquire the trademark, production & trade contacts for Fragrant Garden please get in touch for a helpful conversation. Please note that we have sold out of all Fragrant Garden stock now. THIS DOMAIN wonderworld.co.uk is UP for SALE.

There is plenty about being in this business that I will miss and plenty that I will not. I have some very good relationships with many of you - customers and suppliers - over many years. I would say we will keep in touch but in truth that probably wont happen. Nevertheless I value the contact I have had with you, we have moved through a good chunk of life together, older, wiser, richer in spirit if not in pocket. Thank you all. I will miss some of the road trips North. Dornoch to Ullapool via Glen Oykell might just have to happen one more time before I am done. But not the M1 or the M42. Not the NEC. In recent years I commented that trips abroad had become very lacklustre experiences which in a way was true but now they are over I have become curiously nostalgic, for Kathmandu, Jaipur, south India. There is a cafe on Jyatha in Thamel I want to sit in, it catches the morning sun, the man serves nice coffee and omelettes with grace. But Kathmandu has changed so much. When I first visited the streets were silent by 10pm, the chimes of a clock tower two or three miles away from where I stayed would be clearly audible across a deep quietness pervading back into the city from the mountains. That is long gone. I am sorry that my project to bring products from Yemen got sabotaged by international terrorism. What a country that is and what an adventure to visit. So some mixed feelings but overall a burden has been put down and a feeling of lightness is within me.

The liquidation of WONDERWORLD's remaining stock will be done in measured fashion. No panic. No fire sale. I have deregistered for VAT so that will be an advantage to some of you. Also I can offer a long credit period - 6 months. Prices are still at 2011 level so do offer good value.

Next I am entering contracted employment, principally with Leeds City Council in Adult Social Care, pursuing joyful creative work for a variety of confirmed individuals in a community support role and using the principles of Intensive Interaction as inspiration and guide. I will be putting up some big Tibetan Tents for assorted hippies and Buddhists around the country, and getting into playing music with The WRONG SONGS. I am excited!

WONDERWORLD is, for the time being still, a private limited company, trading since 1991,  owned and run by David Turner with assistance from the lovely, remarkable Angela Brown & the handsome, diligent Alexander Gray.

(Dayteam Ltd t/a ....)
2 Meadow Croft
Bradford, BD11 1AZ.
Tel: 0113 285 3517

Our e-mail is

info 'at' wonderworld.co.uk

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Meanwhile you are all most welcome to attend

The 4th annual JUMBLE SALE with Style

Saturday 15th March 2014 11am

Upper Room, Chapel Allerton Methodist Centre, Towngate, Chapel Allerton, Leeds.

In support of Triratna Leeds Buddhist Centre.

While in the Lower Room of the same building, at the same time and the same date, is

THE BIG BREW Fair Trade Cafe hosted by those lovely people at The Beehive.

See you all there.